Paraphrasing Genius

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the stars, *FIX* the system that is so inflexible that it can’t change itself to accommodate starlight.  ‘Fixing’ Semenya will make everyone distrust what sport is. Rather change sport SYSTEMS so that we see the best grouped in New ways, or any other solution, than neutering a person’s soul. Literally […]


IAAF ethics found wanting

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has previously said it is confident of the legal, scientific and ethical basis for the regulationswhich will compel female athletes with ‘differences of sexual development’ (DSD) to lower their testosterone levels if they wish to compete as women. Caster Semenya and Athletics South Africa (ASA) recently lost an appeal […]


May Editorial

Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim contributors and readers. How interesting that the whole of South Africa seemed to be collectively holding their breath for the 2019 elections at the time the New Moon was anxiously sought in the evening sky. How poignant too that the spirit of Ramadan – fasting sunrise to sunset, and most […]


The ANC Violate All That is Sacred

The venerable Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa wrote ‘My People’ in 1969 – a truly inspiring work everyone should read.  Looking for ideas on how black South Africans can change our destiny? Clearly knowing ourselves is critical to creating a healthy, productive, stable, safe and progressive environment for all. We must accept that it is the […]