Masked motives

One T-shirt is more expensive than five masks.  During the elections you gave our people free t-shirts so that they can vote for you and put you in power. But now, you can’t give the same people free masks to save their lives?  Clearly you are not in politics to serve the people.  You don’t […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Sticky BBQ

I once shared information about ‘Dark Kitchens’ and most people loved the idea. Here is an opportunity for you to get one for yourself. Sticky BBQ was started in 2010 in Cape Town. There are six branches in total that are full-on restaurants.  Five branches are in Cape Town: Observatory Rondebosch Claremont Long Street, and […]


I have a dream … for Africa

In Africa, we need a new generation of leadership: Leadership who will believe in Africa, invest in Africa and its people. Leadership who will unite Africa through trade, sharing of skills and expertise. Leadership who will fuel economic GROWTH by encouraging employment opportunities from sourcing raw material to producing final product. Leadership who will enforce […]


Crossing the line

How can visiting your family, specifically your wife/husband and kids, in another province than where you work not be essential? Divorced parents residing in different provinces are more privileged than married couples whose home and workplace happen to be in different provinces. The risk of spreading the virus is the same whether I see my […]