The cost of FREE

Dear Black South Africans,  Nothing is for FREE. Nothing will ever be FREE. Whatever is FREE, has been paid for … by someone. Some of us studied through NFSAS, after I started working I paid it back for two years. Nobody owes us anything.  Those that promised us FREE things lied to us. Those that […]


Blame games

FW De Klerk, through his foundation, has issued a statement, admitting that apartheid was a crime against humanity as declared by a UN Resolution. After previously denying this in a TV interview commemorating the 30th anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison, he has subsequently apologised for the controversial statement. De Klerk has before apologised for […]


End of the road for CPS

Corruption Watch celebrates the final decision of the Constitutional Court to dismiss the Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) application for leave to appeal the Supreme Court of Appeal judgment that ordered them to repay R316-million to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). This relates to the matter brought by Corruption Watch against CPS concerning the […]


Hamstrung by corruption

You can be a good leader but when you are surrounded by corrupt cohorts you can’t produce good results. Ramaphosa is surrounded by problems beyond his control. He is surrounded by corrupt men like Ace Magashule. The corruptors’ purpose is to protect corruption beneficiaries and make sure that looters are not prosecuted. On his own […]


Revolutionary to technocrat

The ANC was established as a revolutionary party for the sole purpose of overthrowing apartheid. They fought against apartheid by burning and destroying white owned property.   On the other hand, the focus of white people before 1994 was industrialisation, wealth creation, urbanisation, infrastructure development, economic growth and job creation. What the ANC had to do […]


Soweto in the dark

The Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee (SECC) has promised to shut down the township of Soweto for two days, in protest against the municipality’s high electricity bills. Their demand is for a flat rate payment (where consumers pay a fixed rate, regardless of the amount used) or not pay at all. Yet ironically, among the worst […]


Creatives Makhado

Muvhusi Tshilimandila also known as Mtc Cracker, is the founder of Creatives Makhado, a platform created in 2014 to be the voice and platform for local creatives. The vision has always been to shine the spotlight on upcoming talented artists. The platform Creatives Makhado, has grown and now reaches a monthly audience of 60K – […]



Dear Uownit reader, The past few weeks saw the emergence and spreading of Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. Panic overcame South Africans after the first few South Africans infected were identified. Suddenly the ‘danger’ in the distance was now upon us and people started panicking.  The big no-no about this virus is DO NOT PANIC! A […]