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Double taxation of citizens and its future implications for SA

The biggest dilemma facing South Africa’s personal income tax payers in particular is that they could be suffering from ‘double taxation’, for lack of a better word. This is perhaps one matter that continues to escape the attention of many analysts and economists alike, especially how it undermines savings, constrains growth and deepens inequalities. A […]


Accountability for Covid-19 corruption

We, the undersigned organisations, express our disappointment and anger over reports of widespread corruption involving funds meant to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is troubling that in Gauteng alone, some 91 companies who received purchase orders from the Department of Health, are under investigation.   We commend the Gauteng provincial government’s decision to give priority […]



To his brothers Joseph was an annoying, irritating dreamer who deserved to be killed or sold off as a slave to foreign nations. To his father, he was someone with good potential. To Pharaoh’s wife, he was a potential boyfriend or a sex slave. To his fellow prisoners, he was just a dream interpreter whom […]