I am angry

I am angry at why we see less young people in SOEs, parliament and in the state cabinet. How can our leaders turn a blind eye at a standing fact that, any society that does not involve and/or nurture its youth will be left behind?

I am angry.

I am angry at the trending actions being done by political parties during election time – they bring our people bags of food and T-shirts – I wish they do so even when it is not election time.

I am angry.

I am angry at why the current government is not utilizing the legislative power they have in their hands to hand back South Africa to her rightful owners.

I remain angry at Makgabo Reginah Mhaule for not embracing the God-sent Kagiso Trust (around the years 2008/2009) during her tenure as the MEC of Education in the Mpumalanga provincial government under the administration of The Cat (David Mabuza).

I guess she could not see what the Free State’s Dr Tate Makgoe saw in Kagiso Trust.

I look at Free State matric results since the Free State Provincial Department of Education-Kagiso Trust partnership, I look at the number of rural schools in Free State that have since got halls and science laboratories, I look at the number of varsity graduates Kagiso Trust has funded in that part of South Africa, I sigh, that could have been Mpumalanga … that could have been us …

By Simon Sizwe Kabini

Photo by Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

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