ANC: smallanyana skeletons

If you are where you are or you have what you have because of corruption, your guilty conscience will never allow you to speak against corruption. 

What you do in secret controls what you say in public. Even when you see a corrupt man destroying the country you can’t say anything no matter how much you want to say it, ’cos your conscience will remind you that you are guilty of committing the same crime. You’re not necessarily defending corrupt men because you care about them, you’re actually protecting yourself because they know your smallanyana skeletons. You owe them your life because if they open their mouths against you, you’re finished. 

When Malema was in the ANC he knew all the corrupt looters, but he never said anything about them or corruption. The first time he spoke against corruption was after they took everything he bought with the proceeds of corruption. When he was still benefiting from Zuma’s corruption he said, ‘whether Zuma is corrupt or not he’ll still be our President.’ Malema did not say these words to protect Zuma, he said these words to protect himself because he benefited from Zuma’s corruption. 

Every corruption beneficiary will spend his entire life supporting and defending nonsense just to save himself.

By Kingsley Nkwatse 

Image by www.newsandtribune.com

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