An African in Africa

I understand the frustration and the pain the people of South Africa face: the frustration of poverty, unemployment, crime, drugs, etc. The challenge is that the anger is directed at wrong people. The truth is that the people who are failing us is the government we voted for, not Africans from other part of Africa.

It’s not them who created a weak security system that allows anyone to come in and out of the country freely without papers. It’s not them that created an environment where it’s easy to do business in the country without papers. It’s not them who created a system that makes it easy to commit crime and get away, a system where even if you are arrested today, tomorrow you will be out. A system where even if you are caught red-handed, you are called a suspect. A system where by police make money from bribes, not on account of the number of valid arrests they make. A system where criminals are more protected than civilians. It’s not them who created a system whereby you can be hired into a job without papers, get paid minimum wage and there are no tough consequences for the employers for such crimes.

The root cause problem of South Africa are our (very weak) laws, rampant corruption and ineffective state institutions like Home Affairs, SARS, SAPS, Labour Department, etc … Where is evaluation and monitoring in SA? Things are left unchecked, until it becomes a huge problem. Again, who is creating the problem? Our own government – not Africans from other parts of Africa.

Let solve the root cause of the problems, not attack the symptoms.

In closing an African cannot be a foreigner in Africa, in his own motherland, no man should be in another man’s country without the right papers and, no man should attack another because of his origin.

By Sthembiso Gumede

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