A rose by any other name

If we have to be gagged for free speech then this is the time.

Minister Tito Mboweni released a document called ‘Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa’ and the phenomenon of numerical majority (blacks) being dominated by a cultural majority (whites) is entrenched.

The document refers to the African majority as ‘the non-white majority of the population’. 

It reads, ‘South Africa has a long history of distorted land tenure as a result of such discriminatory policies as the non-white majority of the population having very little claim to land tenure while the white minority had access to much of the country’s land for ownership.’(p. 39)

This leaves me without a doubt in my head that a white, even white foreigner, wrote this document. The treatment of blacks as outsiders when it comes to the economy continues unabated: this is a not a co-incidence that Black people are referred to as non-white because whiteness is a standard. This is based on the apartheid jargon of old: Blankes versus Nie-Blankes! 

On this basis, there are all reasons to reject it. Its bibliography is indicative that the ‘new strategy’ is a re-hash of the economic policies of the 1980s. There is a strong attempt to re-introduce the failed SAPs via the backdoor. 

Let non-whites respond!

By Siyabonga P. Hadebe 

Image: Yumi Sakugawa

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