A loaf of bread – without borders

Malema wants to be hailed by the whole Africa as the greatest Pan Africanist of our generation! 

But this is at the expense of  South Africans and the sovereignty of South Africa – by making this country a country without borders. We all know what will happen when that happens. Removing the borders will make it easy for terrorists like  Boko-Haram,  Al-Queda, Al-Shabab and those who want to hurt us to enter our country. 

You may have good intentions by being hospitable to our brothers, but among them there are criminals who will use your hospitality as a gateway to destroy you. 

America makes a budget of 240 trillion Rand but Trump puts Americans first in the midst of that wealth. We only have a budget of 1.2 trillion Rand and it’s possible that SARS will fail to collect 200 billion Rand of that target, yet Malema is inviting millions of people to come and share the little we have. 

Malema is irrational and irresponsible. He does not put the safety and interests of South Africans first. He wants to be hailed as the greatest Pan Africanist of all times at the expense of South Africans. 

We love Africa, we love our African brothers but no matter how much you love your extended family, you must be realistic. A loaf of bread is enough for a family of four people, but if you invite 10 extended family members, your children will starve. It is important to take care of your brothers but not at the expense of your children. 

We have 3 million unemployed graduates. 

That alone should tell you that we can’t afford to take care of 53 African countries.

By Kingsley Nkwatse

Image: JustBreadLondon.com

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