A fish rots from the head…

South Africa does not have more criminals than America and Britain. 

The difference between them and us is that they have effective systems and institutions to deal with criminals while ours are weak. During the reign of the National Party the level of crime was very low because people knew that there will be devastating consequences for committing crimes. 

Human beings are actually the same, lawless and disobedient in behaviour. It is the fear of the law that keeps us in check. 

In America criminals have the fear of law enforcement agencies. They know that the FBI will find you, and you will have your day in court. Here, people who are supposed to arrest criminals are the biggest criminals. They started by disbanding the best law enforcement agency in the country (The Scorpions). Crime did not increase because criminals have increased … crime increased because the government is in the hands of criminals #TheANC. Criminals will never fight against crime.

By Kingsley Nkwatse

Image Lee Boltin (Meridian Books, 1959)

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