2020 Positivity

Twenty-twenty will be remembered for various reasons – some people lost loved ones, others lost financial stability and some gained prosperity.

I am one of the fortunate who gained prosperity beyond my expectations. I used lockdown to focus on myself, to talk to myself to spend time with myself. Selfcare is something that few people afford themselves in a busy lifestyle.

How did I do it? Initially, I was obsessed with the world of Covid-19. I would listen to and watch news until late in the night until I started to struggle to fall asleep. 

So many companies and individuals offered online upskilling workshops and courses – most of the time for free. You only needed access to internet connectivity. I decided to take these opportunities. The one skill developed into the next and I can only look back with gratitude.

The Covid-era is long not over but I’ve learned that positivity attracts all things good.

By Elena Vasca

Image by Yassay/Pixabay

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