Regulatory capture – SA after the sale of Eskom

In the 1990s, many countries in the former Soviet bloc, Latin America, Africa and Asia adopted, in varying degrees, reforms aimed at replacing state intervention with market-driven policies. This was deemed a resounding victory for neoliberal economics and market fundamentalists. Luigi Manzetti claims, ‘Theoretically, they were based upon the theories of neo-liberal economists such as […]



With a heart like a mother-in-law filled with pride I watched the, now, famous #KFCProposal on YouTube. Seeing the cash strapped but proud Hector Mkansi on his knees and the emotionally overwhelmed Nonhlanhla Soldaat brought me close to tears. Then warm feelings filled my whole being when Mzansi started to share, to make this couples’ […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Goodbye to brick-and-mortar companies, hello to digital platforms

How do existing businesses transform successfully into platform companies? This is the focus of noted strategist and business leader Bramhope Group CEO Isak Marais. He holds an MBA from the Henley Management College. A sought-after and respected speaker and opinion leader, Marais has authored numerous industry-specific articles. ‘The Bramhope experience is similar to those of […]