Business & Entrepreneurship

Judge not

Can the employed stop judging entrepreneurs for starting their own businesses/companies … Can entrepreneurs stop judging the employed for choosing to work for other people … Can graduates/undergrads stop judging those who had to drop out of school to look for jobs/start businesses/hustle in order to either raise funds to study or take care of […]


Feeding young minds

The general population of men in the world is not significantly larger than that of women. That said, I have noticed that the number of male characters in movies is far larger than that of females. For example, of Hollywood’s highest grossing movies from 2017 – 2018, only 33,1% of all speaking or named characters […]


Behind closed doors …

The ConCourt says, do not spank your kids in your home. Many people on different platforms argue that they have turned out the way they have (successful and well-mannered) as a result of a rod.  However, when asked to provide scientific evidence of the implied correlation, they have failed dismally. But, is it reasonable to […]


Burn? Or learn?

LOL, South Africans are funny. They burn down their own schools like wild fires but at the same time they get offended when they hear that people are building an Afrikaans university in Centurion. You burn your schools because you don’t care about them, but you care about the language used in a university owned by […]