Flag: Flame or Food?

The call by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to have the old SA flag banned, won’t put food on the table for South Africans. Neither will this grandstanding lower unemployment rates. So who cares whether the flag is banned or not? Moreover, the allegation by the SAHRC that the old SA flag was […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Two bulls for one bear

As cryptocurrency markets rise – could this signal the beginning of a bull run?  We have been experiencing one of the longest bear markets the cryptocurrency space has seen, longer than what we witnessed in 2013. As the markets have caused a great deal of uncertainty as a result, many investors have unfortunately caused a […]


Nkandla? #Wakanda

Every single Nguni in South Africa is a landless opportunist! Why would you travel to a place for economic opportunity, then later claim your land was stolen, when you opportunistically claimed it yourself? Why are the landless not protesting in Mali, Algeria, Nigeria or Egypt? If you truly understood our forefathers history, then you will […]


June Editorial

The voting population of Mzanzi have got over the euphoria or disappointment of the 2019 Election. Focus is shifting to the President at the helm of a party leadership that appears divided with a section of these leaders actively working to undermine his administration – reflecting in no small measure, the true (divided) state of […]



There’s a 500+ page tome waiting for my winter break, Ramaphosa’s biography.  The 2019 election campaign became very ‘presidentialised’ – as if your vote was for a president, not the party that would make him (no females) president. As with many of the rest of the country who did not vote for the party that […]