Globalising Grief

I mourned for Notre Dame silently because it is a symbol of my back-packing youth and signifies a particularly important moment in my life, but I resisted sharing the news because, compared to the horrors I witness on a daily basis, it just didn’t seem like much of a train smash.  The accidental burning of […]


World Bedwetting Day

The 29thof May 2019 is World Bedwetting Day and an important day for many families. Bedwetting is more common than you may think. Research has shown that up to 25% of children at the age of 4 and an estimated 10% of South African children aged between 4-15 years old experience bedwetting. With bedwetting being […]


Another Child another Modende

According to some, our income should determine the number of children we should have. Because of this mentality, we have few kids.  According to others, the number of children you have determines your income. Because of this mentality they have more children.  In Africa, some people have children with the intention of profiting from their […]


Road Safety and Your Windscreen

The windscreen is an often neglected component of the vehicle. The windscreen is much more important than a mere screen between you and other road users. The safety needs stretch far beyond the obvious requirement of visibility for the driver! In today’s vehicles, windscreens are an important component of the vehicle’s overall structural integrity – […]


Vehicle on fire

Tens of thousands of lives have been lost globally in the last few decades due to car entrapment deaths. In this section we will analyse the threat of vehicle fires and provide advice on how to act in these emergencies. Data from the United States reveals the importance of awareness about this threat to safety […]


True cost of democracy

Please increase unemployment, crime and poor service delivery. Please make us suffer, steal every cent you can take from us. We love suffering. Even if we suffer we will vote for you because you give us NSFAS only to take pictures graduating and then sit home with our qualifications, R400 grants because we love drinking […]



I remember Ramadan when we were younger, living in Nirvana, in what was then known as Pietersburg. It was the ghetto reserved for us brown people in the old apartheid days, simply called ‘the Indian area’.  Everyone in our neighbourhood would be out on the street squinting up at the skies for a glimpse of […]


Philosophy or politics

WOULD THE REAL ANDILE MNGXITAMA PLEASE STAND UP FOR BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS? Andile Mngxitama has a talent for encouraging black youth to take their own destiny in their own hands. In the early to late 1990s his gatherings, talks, debates and fora and walk-abouts at his house in Observatory were always bustling.  He has friends and […]


A fish rots from the head…

South Africa does not have more criminals than America and Britain.  The difference between them and us is that they have effective systems and institutions to deal with criminals while ours are weak. During the reign of the National Party the level of crime was very low because people knew that there will be devastating […]