Of instinct and angels

During load shedding last week, I was sitting in the lounge with my husband and we could hear a baby crying from the beach. Slowly the crying came closer and closer until I could hear this child coming down the street. Its pitch black and one can only, slightly, see figures walking in the road. […]


Fah-fee with your health

Under the mortifying and morbid circumstances that characterise the Department of Health in Gauteng, should David Makhura not resign as Premier of Gauteng? Why has Section 100(b) not been applied to this department since the Provincial Government has failed to address issues of Social Justice in Health Care.  One should also indicate that the neglect […]


Slow Teaching

I want to start a movement called ‘Slow teaching’ in the same spirit as the Slow Food Movement. The reason is, we’re starving our children, serving them superficial and contrarily highly complicated information instead of soul-building, sustaining basics. I speak as someone who has just moved from a very small, very unique school where ‘slow […]


Upholding Democracy

Corruption Watch released its 2018 corruption report, Upholding Democracy,signalling the role of civil society and members of the public alike in exposing corruption and holding leaders to account during 2018.   The many voices reflected in this year’s edition, which marks 25 years of freedom and democracy in South Africa, point to the impact of corruption on […]


Blame game

After Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school he didn’t blame anyone for his failure. He used his skills to create his desired future. He created Facebook. Today he is worth 70 billion US Dollars. If he decided to look for a job, chances are high that he could still be unemployed. It doesn’t matter who you […]