Barefoot Wedding

A true celebration of life has no knowledge of race, gender, status or wealth. Cultural heritage is honoured as much as unequivocal love. And when love is honoured above all else, there is purity – captured in these images by Little Things Photography at Jan and Stephanie’s Barefoot Wedding.  By Tammy Mccarter Photography by Tammy […]


Decks driven by divas

DJ Biskit – radio and club DJ – is dedicated to the craft and determined to make a name for herself. Abandoning the security of a corporate career to follow her passion, Lerato Maepa plunged into her new career nearly ten years ago. In a congested, male-dominated industry, DJ Biskit loves what she does, and […]


Billionairs battleground

The ongoing damning testimony of former Bosasa CEO Angelo Agrizzi in the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, has pitted the Watson family against the Guptas, in a contest of state capture kingpins. Agrizzi has painted an extensive network of bribes and corruption emanating from the Watsons and not linked to the Gupta family. […]


How to lose your car

(A cautionary tale) This is a sad tale of ‘service’, or its antithesis, and a timeous warning to all who own a motor vehicle, especially if that vehicle might attract the attention of others because of its excellent condition. It begins with a trip to Durban from Nelspruit (Mbombela) when, due to the serious illness […]


I am angry

I am angry at why we see less young people in SOEs, parliament and in the state cabinet. How can our leaders turn a blind eye at a standing fact that, any society that does not involve and/or nurture its youth will be left behind? I am angry. I am angry at the trending actions […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Understanding the money revolution – ‘cryptocurrency’ in the 21st Century

With an already over 100-billion-dollar market cap, digital currency or cryptocurrency is already making a huge global impact as it continues to grow and changing the course of our traditional currency channels. It is estimated that only 4% of the world’s population knows and actively using the world’s first digital currency which is Bitcoin. There […]