Burn, my Beloved Country

Black people are the only people who burn schools, hospitals and other property. This happens because previously black people saw the country’s infrastructure as the property of white people because they were not allowed to have access to the country’s infrastructure. It’s easy for black people to destroy public property because black people never had […]


Win a war without guns and bullets

Passion for wildlife can be seen as a luxury. The luxury to afford a ‘bush break’. The luxury of contributing disposable income to high-profile anti-poaching projects. The luxury of enrolling in a high-priced ranger course … From my armchair conservationist position, with not much disposable income but a good internet connection, I came across an […]


The Rabbi’s Gift

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share an abbreviated version of the story contained in M. Scott Peck’s ‘The Different Drum”. I hope that it will go a little way to drawing your readers eyes away from the divisive and dismissive rhetoric that we South Africans are plunged into again this year, and […]


Thinking about an African Caring State

Africa’s problems emanate from our inability to convert or change the large labour reserves, also called ‘states’, to become a true extension of our political wishes.The ultimate goal was to create very productive colonies to perpetually support capitals in Europe by looting resources and oppressing people.All the financial and economic gains or progress were, and […]


How Good Blacks Go Rogue, in Mzansi

We have watched, over the years, good black people becoming ‘anti-black’ by turning into praised servants of corrupt black-elite power. Many blacks can’t withstand the temptation of corruption, which firstly destroys their objectivity and secondly rebuilds them into poodles in service of corrupt black-elite power prevalent in the ANC. This essentially turns them ‘anti-black’, since […]


Letter: Celebrate or worry

Dear Sir/Madam The 2018 matric results were released last week. There is some progress to celebrate and also a great deal to applaud about the Department of Basic Education Minister’s emphasis, at the release of the results, on the importance of Early Childhood Development and also on her recognition that learners must be computer literate […]