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2019 Election, State Capture and Business Views

The Uownit-SA Team asked a few people their views of the upcoming elections, their opinion on State Capture and their business views. Here is the report back!

The interviews were conducted at Bundu Inn Village, KwaNdebele, Mpumalanga with two males and one female. There ages differ between 30 and 50. All three are entrepreneurs with businesses in Spaza shops and Shoe repair. All three respondents have been entrepreneurs for more than 25 years.

On the question what they think about the upcoming election two respondents said that the election will bring no change where the third respondent predicted new unpredictable coalition government.   

On the question of a solution to state capture, one respondent said there is no solution, the second respondent said, ‘With the right people in power and the inclusion of youth. The old ones are already corrupt and they will not change now.’ The last respondent was of the view that if those found guilty can be prosecuted and stolen money recovered from them, corruption might be stopped.

Regarding business, one respondent felt that low pricing to accommodate low income clients is the biggest challenge. High expectations and impatience is detrimental to business but with proper financial management business can survive. Another respondent had this to say, ’Many local businesses are not able to compete with foreign nationals’ pricing due to their limited knowledge of the industry and exploitation of different supply chains. Foreign nationals know that they beat our pricing even when I have a sale – yet they still make profit.’ The last respondent also feels that foreign business are the biggest challenge to the business as locals can’t compete with the low prices they offer.

Last views of these entrepreneurs was:‘I believe small businesses can be sustainable if they can receive proper support and funding. Most small business owners enter into business driven by passion but their businesses collapse due to lack of proper skills and knowledge.’ Another respondent also realised that ‘… there is no relationship between South African local businesses and that is a disadvantage to all of us.’ The last respondent, ‘has a serious problem with landlords who do not maintain their properties because the poor state of the building reflects badly on the business and the owner.’

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