Dignity of women

The Nelson Mandela Foundation together with Graça Machel Trust and Kuhluka Movement held a celebratory event titled ‘Is’thunzi Sabafazi’ (Dignity of Women) to mark the centenary of the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s birth. At the same time, in honour of his legacy, the event was to promote the work various organisations are doing to combat […]


Survive or thrive? Take ownership!

Our lives have been disrupted and uprooted, our environment has been contaminated. Our languages, our cultures and our religions, the very pillars of human existence, have suffered obscurity and decay. We are subjected to a daily near-death existence. It smacks of the notorious population control measures of yesteryear. If tuberculosis doesn’t kill you, sugar or […]


A new pass mark – nothing!

As someone who has never seen any reason for passing or failing kids, especially in junior grades, and also who doesn’t see the motive behind judging little ones, I am encouraged by what the Singaporean government is doing. The Swiss-based World Economic Forum (WEF) says that the small Asian nation ‘will no longer compare students’ […]