Dear Uownit reader, The past few weeks saw the emergence and spreading of Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. Panic overcame South Africans after the first few South Africans infected were identified. Suddenly the ‘danger’ in the distance was now upon us and people started panicking.  The big no-no about this virus is DO NOT PANIC! A […]

A new decade, not so new beginnings


Creatives Makhado

Muvhusi Tshilimandila also known as Mtc Cracker, is the founder of Creatives Makhado, a platform created in 2014 to be the voice and platform for local creatives. The vision has always been to shine the spotlight on upcoming talented artists. The platform Creatives Makhado, has grown and now reaches a monthly audience of 60K – […]

2020 New Year’s celebrations around the globe


Mental wellness in the LGBTIQ+ community

Queerwell is a South African based and focused NPO that aims to provide access to mental health services to the Youth Queer community with special focus on those in townships and rural areas. To achieve this, the organisation raises donor funding locally and internationally to be able to engage LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, […]


2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards 2019

The Stacey Fru Foundation hosted 59 nominees and winners from Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other provinces of South Africa during the 2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards (ACOTYA) 2019 to celebrate Universal children’s Day.  The Awards custodian, now 12-year-old Stacey Fru planned this event in order to join the United Nations […]


Paraphrasing Genius

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the stars, *FIX* the system that is so inflexible that it can’t change itself to accommodate starlight.  ‘Fixing’ Semenya will make everyone distrust what sport is. Rather change sport SYSTEMS so that we see the best grouped in New ways, or any other solution, than neutering a person’s soul. Literally […]


Counting what counts

Assessing South Africa’s education quality depends on more than the matric pass rate The release of the matric (National Senior Certificate) results this week saw Minister Angie Motshekga and the Department of Basic Education celebrating an all-time high matric pass rate of 81.3%. While we should celebrate and feel justifiably proud of not only an […]


Beneath the surface

One day we should talk about those comrades, student activists from all political formations at the universities, who continue to rape our desperate little sisters, who are frustrated by the system and remain vulnerable. A rapist in the form of a comrade keeps on telling our little sisters that for your academic exclusion appeal or […]


Nominations: The 3rd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards 2020

Nominations have been opened for the 3rdAnnual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards (ACOTYA) 2020. Please make sure that you nominate a child so that they can be celebrated by Stacey Fru, who feels that through her works, she’s got to get not only the nation, but the African continent reading and writing, giving, aspiring […]


Re-teaching Blackness

We have proven to be unable to organise our own sustainable black culture. The phrase ‘reteaching blackness’ is laughable – it is embarrassing and we should be ashamed of ourselves for saying it. That’s why we call ourselves mentally shackled. We have failed to sustain our culture and traditions, and we know it! Therefore we […]

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“Take yourself to isolation. You can never stop the sunset. But you can stop the Coronavirus”

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