A new decade, not so new beginnings

It’s a new year, it’s a new decade but conflict between the US and Iran has the world on tenterhooks (Collateral damage)! The Department of Basic Education is celebrating the highest ever matric pass rate but what counting wasn’t done (Counting what counts – Assessing South Africa’s education quality depends on more than the matric […]

It’s a wrap


2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards 2019

The Stacey Fru Foundation hosted 59 nominees and winners from Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other provinces of South Africa during the 2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards (ACOTYA) 2019 to celebrate Universal children’s Day.  The Awards custodian, now 12-year-old Stacey Fru planned this event in order to join the United Nations […]


The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI)


Paraphrasing Genius

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the stars, *FIX* the system that is so inflexible that it can’t change itself to accommodate starlight.  ‘Fixing’ Semenya will make everyone distrust what sport is. Rather change sport SYSTEMS so that we see the best grouped in New ways, or any other solution, than neutering a person’s soul. Literally […]


Upskilling starts at home

It is always nice to see young black daughters and sons of the South African soil graduating. Congratulations to you all, most especially those who hail from my beloved village. Keep developing yourselves! Keep acquiring skills! To borrow from the humble former US first lady, Mrs Michelle Obama, ‘may we, when we’ve worked hard and […]


Public Health DIS-service

I love my son with everything I have. He is my most precious gift. It wasn’t always like that. A young girl, and a young girl’s mistake … the last time I saw my boyfriend was the day I told him I was three months’ pregnant. And I resented my unborn child. I resented my […]


World Bedwetting Day

The 29thof May 2019 is World Bedwetting Day and an important day for many families. Bedwetting is more common than you may think. Research has shown that up to 25% of children at the age of 4 and an estimated 10% of South African children aged between 4-15 years old experience bedwetting. With bedwetting being […]


Fah-fee with your health

Under the mortifying and morbid circumstances that characterise the Department of Health in Gauteng, should David Makhura not resign as Premier of Gauteng? Why has Section 100(b) not been applied to this department since the Provincial Government has failed to address issues of Social Justice in Health Care.  One should also indicate that the neglect […]