Business & Entrepreneurship

Judge not

Can the employed stop judging entrepreneurs for starting their own businesses/companies … Can entrepreneurs stop judging the employed for choosing to work for other people … Can graduates/undergrads stop judging those who had to drop out of school to look for jobs/start businesses/hustle in order to either raise funds to study or take care of […]

Cryptocurrency scams


Hijack Prevention Guidelines

It has become increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles, with all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc. These steps have resulted in a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings. The hijacker has the element of surprise and this is a concern. The increasing retrenchment and the high unemployment figures are also factors. This is […]

Highway Heroes and Road Safety


Paraphrasing Genius

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the stars, *FIX* the system that is so inflexible that it can’t change itself to accommodate starlight.  ‘Fixing’ Semenya will make everyone distrust what sport is. Rather change sport SYSTEMS so that we see the best grouped in New ways, or any other solution, than neutering a person’s soul. Literally […]


IAAF ethics found wanting

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has previously said it is confident of the legal, scientific and ethical basis for the regulationswhich will compel female athletes with ‘differences of sexual development’ (DSD) to lower their testosterone levels if they wish to compete as women. Caster Semenya and Athletics South Africa (ASA) recently lost an appeal […]



Mzanzi is fed up with corruption and all the … that goes with it. Corruption Watch launched an awareness campaign for greater transparency, merit-based criteria and public participation in the appointment of key leadership positions. Visit the link in the article and complete the survey – be an Active Citizen. The ConCourt ruled that spanking your […]


Upskilling starts at home

It is always nice to see young black daughters and sons of the South African soil graduating. Congratulations to you all, most especially those who hail from my beloved village. Keep developing yourselves! Keep acquiring skills! To borrow from the humble former US first lady, Mrs Michelle Obama, ‘may we, when we’ve worked hard and […]


Slow Teaching

I want to start a movement called ‘Slow teaching’ in the same spirit as the Slow Food Movement. The reason is, we’re starving our children, serving them superficial and contrarily highly complicated information instead of soul-building, sustaining basics. I speak as someone who has just moved from a very small, very unique school where ‘slow […]


We learn (a second language) best through play

I am a language teacher and also a Learning through Play Ambassador for the LEGO Foundation. I believe that young (and older) humans learn optimally about the world through play. This goes for language learning too.  I teach Setswana second additional language to grade 1 – 4 children. I also teach Setswana to adult classes. I use […]