Creatives Makhado

Muvhusi Tshilimandila also known as Mtc Cracker, is the founder of Creatives Makhado, a platform created in 2014 to be the voice and platform for local creatives. The vision has always been to shine the spotlight on upcoming talented artists. The platform Creatives Makhado, has grown and now reaches a monthly audience of 60K – […]

2020 New Year’s celebrations around the globe


Hadithi ya Africa

I have joined Midnight Train facilitated by Hadithi ya Africa in response to the #COVID19. There are a lot of initiatives we are embarking on to #StopTheSpread of #CoronaVirus. My focus is on setting up a Healthcare Response Team that will assist our government in caring for those that will be infected and affected. We […]


Mental wellness in the LGBTIQ+ community

Queerwell is a South African based and focused NPO that aims to provide access to mental health services to the Youth Queer community with special focus on those in townships and rural areas. To achieve this, the organisation raises donor funding locally and internationally to be able to engage LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, […]


Paraphrasing Genius

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the stars, *FIX* the system that is so inflexible that it can’t change itself to accommodate starlight.  ‘Fixing’ Semenya will make everyone distrust what sport is. Rather change sport SYSTEMS so that we see the best grouped in New ways, or any other solution, than neutering a person’s soul. Literally […]


My homeschooling experience – Stacey Fru

I will like to share my experience of how my older brother and I, and the rest of my grade mates survived term one of 2020 after the closure of schools by our President, Mr Ramaphosa on the 18thof March due to the Covid-19. I am a grade 8 learner who started homeschooling from 17 […]


Will the poor soon inherit the ‘Business class’ disease?

There is eagerness from the rich and middle classes to overburden the poor. The outrage about people who behaved as if ‘it was business usual’ is greatly confusing. Are the rich and middle classes really concerned about lives of the poor, or are they worried that poor will infect them all of a sudden? I […]



From 17 March, they would have to share our study room; a 24 m²space that we have since used as a study area. We would have to fit two more reading tables with a computer each. Our situation seems more complicated because on the other hand, our 10 and 8-year-olds who attend a four-term school […]


Pandemic blindness

For many years millions of poor people all over the world have been dying from hunger and malnutrition but it has never received the same attention as the Coronavirus. The reason is because poverty and hunger are not contagious like Coronavirus, and therefore they don’t affect the rich. Coronavirus received this attention because it affects […]